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Shell Shock


Stillness is stealthfully looking for you
A trick of the trade,
a poker faced clue
Insane you say? You judge me right
For the sane won't walk through your dreams at night

A hawk soars with devotion over your head
A raptor who sees through your eyes instead,
A friendly winged sentry from the other side
Flipped inside out, and out inside

Luminous signs distracted your eyes
A broadcast message in a common disguise
You know you are sure, but you surely don't know
In this trip that you charted a long time ago

As you ponder these words, and think me quite mad
I laugh at the projection in the perception you had
For only through madness does this passage climb
Shell shocked from the obsession that has infected your mind

When on a calendar day, I found my rocker on the lawn
The horizon painted at dusk and at dawn
The night sky sparkled from the squandron in flight
As I watched the master key dance on old bens kite
So maybe the wise sage truly could see
When he said:
"Am I dreaming you or are you dreaming me?"

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