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Monday, 11 July 2011
the big house and Christopher Walken

The dream starts out and I am in this little house, it's not my house and there are other people around who I don't know either. Then weird of weird, a man who looks like Christopher Walken shows up and he is trying to kill us. I remember a secret passage to the rest of the house (I often dream of a big house, it starts out as a little house but there are secret passages and doors that lead to a big house full of rooms, elevators, hidden garages, all kinds of things) and in this dream the secret door to the big house was in the garage. Now the secret passage is sometimes bizarre in itself, sometimes it is really really small, sometimes it is in strange locations, sometimes it is just a door, and this time it was kind of high like a little cubby hole. So I climb up and go through and told the others to come too and then after that I don't remember seeing the others anymore. I didn't think he would find his way in but he did and the rest of the dream was me just dodging him around corners, etc..  When I woke up I was really pissed because I would have loved to have been lucid in a dream with CW!!! damn it!

On another note around the time of the dream there was a really bad storm that ripped half our neighborhood up, pulling trees up, etc. I woke up heard the wind, and instead of getting up to look fell back to sleep because figured it wasn't too bad. It is possible that my subconscious was trying to tell me to go get in the crawl space because the crawl space is not very big and you have to go through a really small opening to get down there.  However, in the dream I was climbing up and not down into the small space, so it is hard to tell

Posted by Tracy at 4:36 PM EDT
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Monday, 20 September 2010
the yellow ballon
Mood:  surprised
Topic: Red Balloons
thursday a yellow balloon showed up in my yard. , I never ask for stubborn like that..but the night before I said a prayer to God, Jesus, and my brother and that is ridiculous because that means you've resorted to talking to invisible people ....and I said ok, so I don't feel like an IDIOT give me a then I look out my door Thursday morning and poof a yellow balloon that says 96 hours to Deal.  So I'm counting down and this morning was 96 hours.  Nothing happened. and then, I look outside around 4 pm and another balloon, that looks like the first, yellow with 96 hours to Deal, is in the same spot as the first one!  Like my son said, how KOOKOO!

Posted by Tracy at 8:29 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 20 September 2010 8:34 PM EDT
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Topic: Lucid Dreams

. I dreamt I woke up at an online friends  house, at first I wasn't sure where I was, I woke up and looked around and there was a picture of a guy she had been  \seeing last year, well two pictures of him on the nightstand. I was really disoriented and tried to go back to sleep and there was a note that said she was gone or going to be gone for a few days or something. Then she came in the house and was like OMG what are you doing here? And I kept telling her, I don't know! lol. She started giving me a tour of this house and this house was fucking amazing, huge, I mean she had to hit the lottery or something lol, it had like 4 bedrooms that I can remember all on different levels, like each room stepped down or stepped up with stairs, it was an awesomely designed house, then there was a level down that was like a basement and it was HUGE, it had a pool table, some other game, like a big game room or something, there was alot of people down there. This lady came with all these boys and she kept saying 'youre going to watch the boys later right?" a bunch of boys, which was odd to me when I woke up because why would there be a team of boys in her house? lol. So moving on, we went back upstairs and there were two dogs, one kept running through my legs and tripping me, like a puppy but kinda of big, lol, and I dog? And I told her, I know this is going to sound wack, but I have no recollection of how I got here! She was like 'thats ok, lets go downtown and do something, youre here now!" and I'm like, no but listen I don't remember leaving, I don't remember driving, I don't know how I got here, I don't know who has Eddie or who is watching my dog? It's like I just got dropped here! lol. So then I asked her 'how do I subtlely call and see who has my son and the dog while I'm here?" lol.....she's like subtley? I don't know?" then I think I woke up.


NOTE: I contacted this friend and told her about the dream.  I've never been to her house or seen pictures of her house because she lives in a faraway state.  she said "I DO have two pictures of my ex on my nightstand, I don't know why, I just haven't bothered to take them down..."  

Posted by Tracy at 8:25 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 20 September 2010 8:35 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009
mystery message and my friend

Last week I was helping my son check his messages because he didn't know how and there was a strange message on there, supposedly from me.  It started out with a computer message that said "Message from Tracy" and then I heard some banging and a man speaking, and he said "I think I lost your.." and then it is muffled.  It sounded like my friend who is locked up in prison 3000 miles away!

Four or five days later I get a letter from that same friend who I haven't heard from in months asking me if I am ok.


Posted by Tracy at 11:11 AM EDT
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Gary Eaton
Topic: Lucid Dreams
Who is Gary Eaton?  Hell I don't know!  I had a very strange dream this morning, I guess it would be a lucid dream because I was half aware that I was dreaming.  It started when I heard someone yell "hey", and I thought I woke up (obviously a false awakening) then my foot hit something on my bed and my friend Mary came in to wish me a happy birthday.  She brought all kinds of cupcakes and for some reason she brought slippers, lol (magic slippers?).  She brought Ted and someone else.  I was sitting in the living room with them and then I noticed that it was way bigger than my living room and my couches were in the wrong spots, then I noticed there were extra couches in the living room and then I knew I was dreaming.  I decided to test it and try to fly through the ceiling, which I succeeded at doing.  Eddie was here and him and some other kid were playing with some science experiment equipment.  He asked me to see if I could fly with him, so I held his hand and we flew up to the ceiling.  He was getting a little scared, and then we flew through the ceiling and outside, I set us down and he didn't want to do it anymore.  I wasn't done though.  I kept flying through the ceiling and to the outside and I noticed a big black truck outside (there's the black vehicle, uh oh, that usually means someone close is going to die in a few weeks).  Then I went back inside.  Mary was gone and the extra guy she brought was still there.  I asked him who he was and he said "Gary"  I said Gary who? and he said "Gary Eaton"  ok....but then I said 'do I know you?" and he said I don't think so but that is ok.  Enough weirdness.  I flew out of there after scoping out the place, it wasn't my house, it was a big huge house with new architecture on a lake somewhere.  I could see him fine, but when I went to look at a clock or went to look at my cell phone I could not see.

So I'm flying around, just playing around with flying to see what works and what doesn't.  I noticed I was flying pretty close to the ground and could not fly much higher.  I then flew close to a man on a motorcycle.  He was like "wow, cool, you can fly! can you try to fly with me hanging on?" I was stunned for a moment because I did not think anyone could see me when I was flying for some reason.  Like I would be ghost.   I could not see for some reason, I was having a real hard time seeing much of anything when I tried but when I didn't try I could see fine.  It was like when I tried to look at my cell phone I could not see it very well.  I was trying to call Eddie because I had gotten lost and needed to find my way back to that house.  I said sure, we'll try it, and I let him hang on to me.  At first it seemed like he was too heavy and then it seemed ok but we were still flying really low and I could not seem to elevate that.  We flew all over this lake place, all the houses were really big and new and I noticed that there was a city or town with a Meijers or something down the street.  I'm not sure where we were.  Someone then came and told this guy that something happened to his mother and I think he said had to go to Utah.  I told him I could fly them there but then he disappeared.   I kept looking for the house and couldn't find it and then, after many attempts of trying to wake myself up, I finally succeeded and woke up in bed.

Posted by Tracy at 10:45 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 October 2009 10:46 AM EDT
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Thursday, 9 July 2009
I dreamt I lived in the apartment in bristol and I got a phone call that my parents had died.  But they were wrong and it was my mom who died.  Everyone showed up at the house and my dad was there.   I could see my mom and at first other people could see her too but then through the dream I was the only one left who could see her and we were talking through the whole dream about what was going to happen next.    I kept asking people if they could see her and no one else could.  She died from some weird medicine combination and I asked her if she was sure she dead because I could see her and no one else could, it was weird.  Then this weird fog came to see us and it was to show us who would greet her when she crossed, it was an indian and other people, very bizarre.  The whole dream was very bizarre.

Posted by Tracy at 10:44 AM EDT
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Topic: Regular Dreams
I dreamt I was at grandmas house and it was haunted.  I kept telling whatever it was to go away but it wouldn't.  Then I said "Grandma is that you?" and grandma appeared.  She looked very solid and white and I asked the other person in the room if they could see her!  They could and I asked her why she hadn't gone into the light.  She said that she saw the light but she wasn't ready to go, that she was waiting and had alot of people counting on her.  I told her that she needed to go into the light but she said she wasn't ready.  I told her that grandpa was waiting for her and then I asked her if I could tell Dad and she said no I better now.  So then in the dream I went and got my dad and we went back but the house was different and people were living there and she wasn't there anymore.  Then the house demolished.

Posted by Tracy at 10:41 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009
old car new car
Topic: Regular Dreams
Strange dream last night.  I dreamt I was in Bristol, a town I used to live in and I had my car, but I also had an old car that Jeff and I used to have.  I don't know what I was doing, but I put gas in it and put it in gear and sent it down the road and was going to catch it later.  I couldn't drive the two cars so I sent that one up ahead alone lol, and was going to catch it and stop it in a minute.  So, I get gas in my now car and I go to find the old car and it's gone!  I look and look and thought maybe it crashed but couldn't find it, and I had put money in the trunk for some reason.  I get to this warehouse place and start asking people if they saw it but no one has and then this place turns into a school.  The class is about ghosts but not real ghosts, it's more about fake scary things.  I asked the lady if even though there were fake ghost there if she thought that maybe there were real ones there as well?  or if she ever experieneced anything odd?  And she said well maybe... that's all I remember, I never did find my car, someone said they saw it down by the railroad tracks and now I'm trying to remember if it was my old car or the car my brother got killed in...hmmmm

Posted by Tracy at 7:41 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 10 June 2009
awareness out of the body out of the body
Topic: OBE's
Ok, I finally had a semi lucid dream last night, maybe an unconscious turned partially lucid OBE.  I dreamt I was watching myself fly through the ceiling, not my ceiling but like practicing flying up through a ceiling and I thought , hey I am OBE, which was kind of strange because usually my awareness starts in the OBE body (like hey I am out of my body and I see my body on the bed)  but this this time I was just observing myself out of body, I never did split the awareness or even think to try because it happened very quick. 

Posted by Tracy at 2:08 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 10 June 2009 2:13 PM EDT
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Sunday, 24 May 2009
Insomnia, Valerian Root and crazy dreams
Topic: Regular Dreams
On my search for something to cure my insomnia I stumbled upon Valerian Root.   This stuff is great!  It knocks my ass  out and whoa it's been giving some really bizarre dreams, funny ones..

First one:  I'm in this place, I think it is a video store but it has lockers like the Ymca.  I'm in the locker area and I see this lizard looking thing and I swear it shift shapes into something else, so I look at it again and it's a cat!  A cat?  Ok, so I grab somebody else and I tell them, check this thing out, it's crazy!  So we watch together and we spotted again and it's a lizard, but then it turns into a mouse and then into a cat!  I wake up..

Next dream..

I'm in a house, a big ass house and jeff and some of his friends are there but it is our house.  (Not our house in real life)  I go to this added room and it's a laboratory, there's men in white coats working on something and I ask Jeff, what the hell are they doing?  He says "working on the computers I think"  It's snowing outside and there is kids outside with sleds, I go out there and slide up and down these hills and it's great, really slippery, lol.  Come back and Jeff screams at me that I'm an idiot, and I tell him get out!  Then he gets all lovey and kisses me and says he was just kidding, lol.

Next dream..

Another weird one.  LMAO.  Ok this one I attribute to reading magazines in the grocery store checkout lane and watching way too many episodes of House!  I'm in this place and Brad Pitt is there.  hehe.  He's talking to me and we are going to go do something and he's having a really rough time with Angelina, lol.  I tell him that he has to check out this town nearby, it has some really cool stores so we make a date to go check this place out.  Then I am in this town and it's an older town and there is really not a whole lot there so I'm not sure why I suggested this place.  Then my cell phone rings and I answer.  The woman on the other end says "Who is this?"  I say Tracy.  I say who is this?  And she says "Jolie"  I'm like I don't know who that is?  But I did, and was acting like I didn't, lol.  She says "You know damn well, it's Jolie, and it's ok that you are helping him, keep him occupied for me because I really need to concentrate on helping House right now!  Then I wake up.....


Posted by Tracy at 11:20 AM EDT
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