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A single sunlight beam creeps in the window pane
Radiating warmth upon the floor
Another glances in, contemplating entrance
As the shadows knock lightly on the door
The door is cracked to see if they come in harmony
Or if only seeking reason for a gain
Friendly so they seem, shifting shapes playfully
With not a thought of tomorrow entertained
Dancing on the walls, and in the cracks where spiders crawl
They make their home in darkness where the light is straining...
Timid minds at work, where they pull and they jerk
Until the form of ghastly creatures find a shape
Laughing while they play, the intellect frightened away
As the monsters make them glance over their shoulders
Scared of a shadow, their snickers roll into a bellow
Their newfound friend has quickly turned into their prey
Sneaking..creeping... They will always be behind you...
Turn around

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silvers place

copyrighted 2000
Tracy Corpe