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Nine Tenths of the Law ~~~~~~~~~~~

I died many years ago
Dont you remember?
My funeral
You spit on my grave and dance the jig
of the seventh sign
You are remembering now..
For you see..
Revenge has been my only benediction
When you do my time, it will be your conviction
I will haunt you with such a sweet affliction
You shall see the parade no more
My resurrection
What you've awaited for years
Did you think that I drowned in the tears that so gracefully
Fell in contempt on your face?
While you laughed and drank of my blood in thirst
Dont you recall?
I was first to help you savor the taste
Father, forgive me for I know what I do
A treacherous act has turned my blood blue
And the killer will live in your hell as mine
Repeating his acts in the reversal of time
My liberation
Born of your deliberation
I will eat you alive,
I'm incognito.

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