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I've sung the song of sixpence with a pocket full of rye
Ashes, ashes, we've all been told a lie
Though I've fallen off the wall and stifled the kingsmen
Forever cracked with the obsession of the gold my yarn won't spin
Spiders washing down the drain, seeking sunlights warm terrain
Speaks of my existence in the rain

They say I've been enchanted in a twisted wonderland
I look at them and start to laugh
And then I grab their hand
To grandmas house we have to go
She's fallen sick in bed
When the wolf came a calling
I shot him in the head
Now there's water to go get
Tumblin down I got all wet
My reflection smiles in the window pane

Awake I guess I'm dreaming
For their faces are all stone
The sweet nice old lady
She has turned into a crone
The scarecrow cannot find a brain
The pill has made me small
I have to stop and wonder
To find the sense in this at all
I planted all my beans
And the giant still is screaming
((((((still is screaming))))))
My house I built behind the picture frame

I follow the mad hatter
Down the path of the unknown
I'm sitting in a corner
Eating pie all alone
Four and twenty blackbirds
I tried to eat in a rush
Someone came and kissed me
Now my cheeks are all aflush
I must go and tend my garden
I beg you'll beg my pardon
The cheshire has disappeared again..

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