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Song of Wabash


Sing me the Song of Wabash
The valley of broken dreams
Where time is all thats left to do
The walls filled with silent screams
Where the doors are locked, the windows barred
Silently hoping they'd be left ajarred
Though even in silence, there's no escape
Mark off the calendar one more day

Sing me the song of Wabash
Where you try not to lose yourself
To the molded ways of the parts that fit
And securely sit on the shelf
Where you see a reflection in a broken mirror
Wishing intently it will all become clear
When it shattered the glass fell into your hands
Piercing your skin and leaving a brand

Sing me the Song of Wabash
Where you're corrected or better concealed
The people outside can't actually see
The cards that you've really been dealed
A world of it's own, with tightly locked gates
Some live with hope, some live with hate
The future uncertain, the time stands still
The past left behind is so painfully real

Sing me the Song of Wabash
Where you wish it was all just a dream
But the dreams you have when you're really asleep
Feel much more real than they seem
And it's harder to connect with the people you know
Because hey! people come and people they go
But in truth you realize you're really alone
Until you remember that some of us need you..

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