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The Horse of Stoddard


A wayward horse of Stoddard County
Crossed the line to speak to me
A hold you had is baring thin now
Lest you lose eternally
Past due bills you are to pay now
If for less you owe of me
Your darling babe has gone to play now
The silver coin rings tinkle..tinkle..

Travel through your family circle
Not long ago a path you laid
Nowhere has it seemed to lead you
But in destitution and quite afraid
A wisened one once beckoned your ear
Trying to teachyou did not hear
Trouble lies it is for certain
The road is open the way is clear

Ending to the last beginning
Alone again, you have not found
Why guarded secrets always shout
A whisper always screams out loud
Terror lies within the valley
A demon that you can't forsake
For what you guarded once so closely
Is open for the thieves to take

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Tracy Corpe