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Eyes of Perception


"Who are you really?", I asked the Man
"For you cannot be the man that I see"
"You have asked for the truth of discernment"
He said, "and behold, I have come from a dream."

From a dream, how absurd, but those very words
Were clear in the eyes of perception
It was true, I then knew that this image was sent
To this world of lies and deception

"Can't you see, all along that it's really been me?"
He said with bright sparkling eyes
A master of illusion, I drew by conclusion
But the reality or not, I realized

Hello to judgement, I greet with new shoes
To visit the home of my clan
With the words of a demon, I still know I'm dreaming
The dauntless dares the coward to dance

Whether I passed or failed, I can't seem to entail
Though strangers wave hello on this road
The mist was quite thick, and I had to look quick
The wheel spins through it's predestined mode..

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Tracy Corpe