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I've met death many a time in this lifespan
Stopping count after two or three
Visitations with this welcoming stand
Has versed me with the fugitive key
Left quite appeased, it is there I'm most pleased
With a halt in production, a quirk
That so rare is found on the grass of the round
It is here that my components lurk

Seeking interpretation my spirit does sigh
The drunkeness wanes and leaves me bone dry
Just when I think the rapture has ceased
My mind crumbles into a burdened disease

Waxing and waning with the moon
An illusion wells deep in the spring
As the abstract seeks being, each step resounds
Of the existence it entices to bring

With a haunting cat call, it dares me to fall
As it laughs by the shoulder of the bridge
It whistles a tune, succumbing, I'm swooning
Now I'm dangerously close to the ridge

A chant once heard, I learned in the fire
Has brought me sweet pain in a waking desire
the dream caught hold, which I barely recall
the warfare of reckoning stifled this fall

Now I'm glancing at the pages elapsing
Beholding a distinction of discord
In the midst of the tightrope in a much trifled state
I envisioned a hard solid floor

Emotions in check, I had failed recollection
Of the past rebirthing once again
A glance in my house had slowly aroused
The remembrance of where I had been
My enemy appeared , in a mood of endearment
He seemed quite encased, such a will made of sheer bent
intention, a reflection of strength not astray
He had laid down a carpet and met me at bay

Spiralling down to the ground by the river
The birds they sing songs of content
Bethinking myself to what the old man had said
Before the picture became twisted and bent

If you look to the left and employ a sly deftness
You shall see an image of your face
If you look to the right using the keenest of sight
The deception will soon debase

As I grasped for interpretation , the breeze caught it's breath
For this old man speaks only through the winds quickened depths
And i know he is pleased for I feel his embrace
And it seems that we've stopped the clock in it's chase

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silvers place

copyrighted 2000
Tracy Corpe