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Tragic Intertwining


He hears her calling to the wild wind
Gentle blowing through the rustling leaves
He wanders in search of this temptress of fate
Though he trusts no one like he trusted her
She was the only one who could possess him
Even the darkness bowed on its knee
The rumbling fierceness vanished with no trace
When she called to him
Comforted him
Like a babe held with love in his mothers arms
His sorrow could not contain in her warm placid waters
Sustained the moment he died , so that she could be free
He would never forget
The pain when she left
Though it was he who dipped the arrow in crimson
Measuring every breath of her life that he seized
He would never forget how her tears looked like rain
On a warm summer day
She looked beautiful that way

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silvers place

copyrighted 2000
Tracy Corpe