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I laid in his arms
On that cold lonely night
But I knew that it soon would end
We laughed and we lied
On that night I died
For my spirit with his did blend
With a final sigh
And a few tearful cries
I headed my way out the door
"If for chance", he did say"
That you think you're escaping
My dear you'll be back for more"
Walking, waiting
Dying, fading
Say, say, no more, no more
Laughing , crying
Awakening, trying
One more key in the door
As I lie awake
My soul he did take
Like a demon thief in the night
Left forsaken
Or sadly mistaken
Though I feel every step of his sight
In the distance I see what a foreboding dream
Had beckoned me on my way
"MERCY!" I screamed
"But it's not what it seems!" he said
"Please, please, won't you stay?
Stay, stay
Don't go away
But even if you choose to run
Kicking, fighting
There's no sense hiding
For it seems you're the only one.."

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