Dreams 1994 Floating in dreamland Time moves fast Donít want to wake up Need it to last Fell in a nightmare Time standing still Canít seem to escape Somehow will When the White Horse comes The dragon slayed Dreams become real Nightmare will fade Pinched by fate Showing the way When the dream Will be of a better day Complete with warm sun Water of blue Strong loving arms Will all become true ~~THE FLOWER~~ 1994 Like a flower Caught in a windstorm Struggling to survive My petals are blowing away Grasping onto ground My stem feeling weak From the forceful wind Trying to blow me astray Chances for survival Some say are long gone Standing tall as I can Still feeling strong The wind dying down to a gentle calm breeze Rocking me softly To a happier song ~~Did You~~ 1994 Did you know that I waited for you In the dim moonlight with a breath of light In the still of the night Did you see that I searched for you Although unaware That you would even be there Or even bother to care Did you hear when I called your name Though not uttering a sound My voice not to be found Perhaps spellbound Did you catch the essence of raindrops As they fell from the sky Did you wonder why You could still hear me cry Did you wait though I left you behind For the time to be right When weíd both see the light Of the love that we fight ~~SOULMATE~~ 1994 As lay in your arms Though I know you not I felt a quickening of my soul As I looked in your eyes I saw truth and light That made me feel so complete and whole I knew you were mine With the very first touch Such a long awaited meeting of fate Though I canít tell you so You must feel it yourself And open the door to the gate Use the key to my heart Thatís within your spirit I know that you sense that itís there Believe in my eyes Cast away lies So our love we can finally share.. ~~YOU~~ Written 11-94 I caught but a glimpse of your face In my most loving dreams I heard the whisper of your voice So close though it seems The fact that it was just an illusion Made me shed a tear The worst is not ever seeing you Is what I most fear If only when I wished on a star Iíd know where you are Then suddenly when I look in my heart I know youíre not far For me Iíll be yours forever Though you may never know Until I see you again My love only grows ~~BECOMING~~ 12-1994 Lost in a deep mystical trance Wondering, wandering , who leads the dance Of the oh so forgotten who am I now I think that I lost me , somewhere somehow On a circular pathway going here and there Going round and around say why do I care? If the worlds round or flat If I win or I loser Or what of the people making the new Hey stop and stare I saw me today Iím that girl over there who lost her way No wait Iím that man in the broken down truck Cussing and screaming because he ran out of luck That girl, sheís me too, jumping for joy She just got to kiss her very first boy You saw me today not trying to be crude But my family is starving and I will work for food Maybe Iím that tree standing tall and proud Or that bird trying to fly through a big rain cloud That blad of grass that got cut too short Or the thorny rose bushes fenced in a court That beautiful sunset saying good-night Or the early sunrise bringing new light Life is too short to be only me So I think Iíll become everything that I see.. ~~~~NEXT DOOR TO NIRVANA~~ 12-1994 Entranced by a vision so clear in my mind Of a place where Iíve been but since long forgotten Perhaps itís a dream, the players seem real As they speak in my language Drifting, drifting, Iím drifting away The reality of being so clearly in focus Of what is existent Illusion does fade Into deeper dimensions Realms in the distance Glimpsing mirror images Carried, carried, Iím carried away Eyes that arenít open can clearly interpret The path that was chosen , though not quite so simple As time has no meaning and space is entrapment No turning back now Floating, floating, Iím floating away Light glowing brighter sounds are sweet music A distant known melody growing much closer As rapture surrounds me mind overtakes spirit Captured by reason Fading, fading, itís fading awayÖ. ~~FOR YOU~~ 12-1994 This is written to you from me Whomever thinks they hold the key To what you say then you donít know Only one knows where to go Can you unlock the hidden door If so then weíll be one once more ~~CAPTURED~~ 3-1995 Caught in a cloud between the sun and the rain Iím drifting through space not feeling the pain of the rapture Of tidal waves heard in my head My soul is floating My body is dead Whispers of magic guide me to shore To the place I call home Thereís peace and no war Feeling the breeze rip right through my heart It gnashes and thrashes and tears me apart Waiting is time slowly slipping away Creating a rhyme trying to mean what you say ~~MR KNOW NOTHING~~ 3-1995 Mr. Know Nothing What did you say? I cant understand the thought that I heard Your words seem familiar but taking no meaning Iím feeling unspoken guided by missiles Headed straight for your doorway Blocks are unbroken but smashed into nothing Flat as a pancake Iím so confused now But straight in my thinking Then your thought is mine, though not making sense The battle of reason making war in my head Take your thought back Save it for another Who understands your language of broken up thoughts That donít fit together Leave me in peace to fight my own war ~~THE DOOR~~ 5-1995 Where is the door that was there yesterday It was clearly in sight and opened so easily Into the next frame a fog has developed A thick barren wall , one of deception Hiding the fact that the door still remains Kept from clear sight although it is still there I grasp through confusion and blindly proceed Feeling the doorknob as if it belonged I turn and gasp Please donít be locked As I go on my way Leaving the mist of Illusion behind.. ~~FREE SPIRIT~~ May 1995 The luminous glow of happiness known Diminished into the abyss Deeper, descending submerged in a substance No air to breath, screams left unheard With shattering clarity Whereís the escape route from the sinister dungeon Built by delusion Inspired by fate A flicker of hope leads to the passage Thatís suddenly clear Rising ascending Though fear is a calling I stop and I touch it and call it by name Transformed into energy with wings like an eagle With swiftness unmeasured Lucidly knowing my spirit is free.. ~~WHERE ARE YOU NOW?~~ 1995 Where are you now? Singing joyous melodies Or chanting the death song as I call out your name I started this hunt so many times before But stil left unfinished Too many obstacles blocking my way Sweet kind strangers stop offering guidance Along the narrow trail Then once in the fork Their sweetness is gone, true colors showing They kick up the dirt, laughing evil whispers Then go on their way Leaving me alone to recover again Then back on my journey, they send yet another sweet kind stranger To see if Iíve learned That the path is too narrow Meant only for one Who closes their mind to misdirecting clues Looking only for truth that leads me to you.. ~~THE WILLOW~~ 1995 I remember now that last fateful day The big willow tree where we were happy at play When you took off in the woods running fast as I could But you didnít slow down like I hoped that you would When out of nowhere I fell in a snare A hole left by trappers for a big black bear Who looks mean and grumbles and would look good on their floor But now Iím behind and there is n o door I heard you calling you finally went on Thinking I gave up and that I was gone Or maybe you fell in the brown bears hollow Where you sit and you hope that I will soon follow ~~LOST~~ 1995 Wasteland of reason surrounded by sorrow And bitter confusion, hopes unobtainable Chance of a lifetime lost by a gamble Not enough cards , wrong throw of the dice Win but still lose, no definite outcome For no one gives up and no one gives in Last call for logic, deafness speaks loudly The only way out is to deceive fate ~~FEAR~~ 1995 Whispering to shadows over in the corner Or are they just in my mind Or maybe in yours for whose to say What is real to you isnít really there Or is it? Fear is a monster with big evil smiles Of laughter sharp as a sword Cuts like a knife lurking in corners Greets you at doorways Welcome it and call it by name It takes your hand and guides you to safety to unknown lands.. ~~BETRAYED~~ 1995 The tide of unfelt abandon betrayed by a heart still true Whispers of unheard affection Which only can be heard by you Who glimpsed the shadow of doubt Jaded by bad memories of ago Achingly hurt, still deeply enchanted The truth you will never know For your eyes are sinisterly shaded Your ears they hear not a sound Trapped in your own little world with walls I cannot bound Quietly sitting on the outside I stand and knock once again Though no answer, Iíve still not faded Retreating back into my den ~~WHATS NICE~~ Stepping stond becomes a rock Perhaps a boulder A mountain would be nice Whatís nice? Gypsy woman cast a spell To lead me to the doorway Without a lock would be nice Whatís nice? Tapping heels , home at last To feel the crashing water On a sunny day would be nice Whatís nice? I am you, you are me Together we are one Walking on the beach would be nice Wouldnít it? ~~LIFTED~~ 1995 Slipping Letting go of terra time Heart ceases to the wind Catching gentle breeze slowly passing by Lifted Above the maze Where the battle of the serpents hiss Painfully struggling endlessly The passage is dim of yet They see not what has been seen No realization of simple flight to higher planes Away to catch a star Drifting by far from reach Simply there Illuminating ~~CROSSING THE BRIDGE~~ 1995 Crossing the bridge between time and space I begin to see that the journey goes on As if never ended Whereís the beginning if there is no time It all becomes one as the circle completes Or has it begun For an answer thereís none Or one perhaps lost As you think you are here But really youíre there When the limits are gone you can really just be Itís a fantasy game Thoughts deeply projected and believed by the masses Creating the trap which all can escape Some choose the route , most choose to stay Unaware that the eclipse only hides the light ~~MYSTERY~~ 1995 Pages of passage slowly turn onwards Leaving impression of what is undone Chapter releases mysteries unfolding Leaving the thought that you know just who did it Wild goose chase back to the puzzle New evidence churning the trapped mind of logic Confused yet so easily , reading the words Things left unseen may point to the truth Last chapter reveals the knowledge concealed ~~WANDERER~~ 1995 Wayfarer, wanderer lost in oblivion Ceasing to knowing that rapture is staid Corruptive mind play, inviting disillusion Vision is clouded, running toward back Still focal reaching to grasp onto tightly Theyíve called out your name Though you cannot hear Wandered too far Long journey back Riptide succumbing Breathless again, you hold out your hand Inviting the end to which there is none As end is beginning, the circle completed Around once againÖ. ~~SOON FORGOT~~ March 1995 Stumbled onto sage Crashing water fills my head With tripped up state of mind Sends warning that time is near The waiting has served itís due Short glimpses through shutters closed Seeking uncertainty Though stealth of gold reclaimed again Which canít be spent Has solace things left behind Which matter not Soon forgot ~~SHANGRI LA~~ March 1995 Crashed again, last pawn taken Jumped back twice to catch the noise Of silent thunder Rain overtakes Flight cancelled Take the bus To Nowhere land Where seekers search The desert plane Of nothingness As if by faith The will be sought Oasis found Shangri La ~~SHALL WE DANCE?~~ March 1995 Wash across the ocean rocks fulfilled but not deceived Captured maze enclosed in glass Troubled, troubled Weather bares a stormy front wind takes form Stilletto climbs another chord Running still water Quenched thirst At last! At last! The cup is full? Shall we dance? ~~FARTHER DOWN THE ROAD~~ March 1995 Prison cell, depths of hell Stealth of flood surrounding Generating streams of terror Caught but not abiding Sent to teach, far from reach Clever once again Lesson learned Pages burned Farther down the road ~~WINDCHIME~~ April 20, 1995 Windchime wit natures rhyme sings the seasons song Instrument for Mother Nature wonderous change of tune Enchantment of the new life Spring Fiercely bangs the drums Howling at Old Jack Frost Trying to melt his frozen heart Filled with anger fighting back with armies of snowqueen fairies Trying to protect the crystal land Though tired, they battle with fiercesome force Awakening elves with the fever To help the Big Oak find itís clothing Black Squirrels young ones need protection From the creature of blood thirst With arms of shiny steel Preparing for bitter destruction Claiming conquer, peace no more Build the wall itís time for war ~~WINDDANCE~~ April 1995 Wind dance Sun drum beating One is body with the tide Pulsing with the caling Rain chants itís tune Collecting my cinder dust Wash down to the river flowing Trees whisper forgotten language Grass calling Sanctuary Birds can hear Answering in simple voice Flowers open up their eyes offering the gift of beauty Nirvana found, then simply gone When the music ceases.. ~~~RETURN~~ April 1995 The man in black approached my door Come now, itís time to go Confused I was though easily led Light as a bird, could I be dead Will this trip keep me very long? Do I need a coat or perhaps a shawl? It will be awhile was his reply Though I heard no sound his words were clear It must be a dream You have an appointment with the Judge Sometimes it takes a blink of an eye Sometimes an eternity For you see Youíve been calling me for quite some time And I wasnít supposed to be sent So the fate may be In the dark misery Free will has always been yours my dear So I took his hand and from there we went Seemingly floating, flying, twisting Into this black tornado cloud Which took us to the doorway passage Inside there was a glorious light Where the Judge sat in his chair My young one you have traveled far Iím sorry you canít stay for tea There are some debts that you still owe So youíre left with simple choice Return again, and patiently, patiently Wait for me to call your name Or face the dark today I cringed at such a destiny Though I knew my vice The decision though painfully made With a promise I could break, never Instantly I was floating , flying, twisting in the warmest water known This time with a shield of light To save me from the evil knight Around again, time to begin The journey around once more ~~DROPOUT~~ April 1995 Victim of circumstance Carry on believing that life a school of Hard Knocks And you are just a pupil Teacher Mold their minds into societyís trap I am just a dropout who will never again come back ~~BROTHER~~ April 1995 Brother Will you hold my hand The gates of mercy have been damned The rage has grown to fateful numbers Horrified that time seeks past Minutes tick into seconds Silence, it seems grows close And then stifling thunder Stakes us to our fateful end ~~WARRIOR~~ April 1995 Dreamcatcher Door Keeper Seeker of the Sign Subconscious Unconscious Keep behind the line Cross over Night Warrior Fighting for a cause Trailblazer Knowledge taker Forgetting not the laws ~~PAIN~~ April 1995 Stabilize the frequency as winds of change Still the mind repeat the course Begin again Reason for the twisting bend Stipulate the word of doing Donít deny the pain For it will follow and proceed to chase you till the bitter end ~~ONE STEP~~ April 1995 Passion of the bounds of glory Be still and wait for call Master has tested faith You will be bound by all Until you see the gate of time accept you with itís fashion Pardon me, youíre running late Down you will come crashing Planted seeds within the mind Can you make them grow Or wither into nothingness The gift has been bestowed Listen to words of simple Asked in question form See the mirror, from which is spoken Feel the steady warm ~~FRIEND~~ April 1995 Whispering in my ear Again I hear your voice The words barely comprehend Though Iíve made the choice I listen and try desperately To understand your wisdom Though words repeated jumble I seek a clearer vision You came not long ago A friend of the forsaken Forever intertwined Slowly awakened ~~FLY AWAY~~ April 1995 Haunted castle by the sea Days of old beckon me To past of yet to be seen Trapped in vision so serene Cat and mouse is game of choice Chosen in a subtle voice Hiding in the hidden wall The ghost abounds and scares us all Lonely years have caged his soul Deluded into the hollow hole He calls his friends but none can hear They hide behind their unversed fear So the old man sits by the shore Waiting, he knows, not what for The seagulls chant ďfly away!Ē ďI canít ďhe says ďI have to stayĒ ~~LOST TURTLES~~ 1995 Beachcombers treasure at night under starry sky Old forgotten pirates ship marooned upon the shore Home of lost turtles Many couldnít survive the trip Brave soldiers found anchor Hidden from the hunter Who beckons to come out and play Hidden in their shell of fear Shaking to their very core Childhood conviction Sentenced to their prison cell Too young to play outside If they survive till tomorrow Theyíll show others the way ~~STRANGERS~~ May 1995 Strangers cross the path at dawn Welcome favor, slipping time As truth begun the battle won Slowly diffusing wrath Anger dissipates, slashing throes of will The pain has spoken through the rain That cleanses the spirit Polished nation, embodied one.. ~~UNSEEN~~ May 1995 scant microdot of words heard Unknown Pictures with no apparent reason fill my head With remembrance of a time Forgotten Kept safetly in my souls eye Mistaken If only for a dream Sadly Left for misinterpretation Unseen True source of whatís to be ~~NOCTURN~~ 1995 Why did you betray me in my darkest lonely hours Abandonment of spirit true leads to loss of powers Did I speak to the enemy revealing thoughts concealed From the nocturnal creature Who desires none healed With back turned, you hear me calling knowing my remiss Awaiting trustful return with overjoyed bliss Standing, though desolate I know that youíre still there The truth of silence overtakes and welcomes with a prayer ~~LUCID DREAM~~ May 1995 Running through a borrowed time Silence whispers through deaths ear Darkness climbs the mansion stairs to the top for all to see Slaying all to who holds fear The hand is reaching through the stars Showing vision, through the clouds Escaping pain thatís binding all To the tower tall and proud Fly my friend, but do not fall Jumping in the clumsy fashion Waving arms like bird in flight Teetering with a current wind Floating downward once again Practice makes the perfect flight Come back again tomorrow night Traveling backward once again In the darkness forest green Arms and legs are subtle limbs Reaching for my deepest seat Stirring not I find the frame To which Iíll never be the same ~~THE LIGHT OF YOU~~ June 1995 Escaping from the dismal cloud Your essence found me in the crowd Though time has ceased not long ago The clock now ticks through future known Haunting of the way lost soul The spirit moved the mountain hold Reason laughed and aimed the arrow Close call dodge, though killed the sparrow Faith of one not to reprove Healing heart will calmly soothe Flowing like a river stream Richer than a pirates dream The Sun has brought the rainbow true Colored with the light of You ~~THE RIFT~~ June 1995 Speaking words, none can hear The rift it seems is dashing blur Trails of anguish chasin me Becoming clear that they canít see Returning quiet thoughts are still My happiness they long to kill Lock the door, bury the key Trapped again, inside of me ~~IF YOU~~ July 1995 If you became me what would you see? The hatred and violence or pure ecstacy The innocent children in a world so unfair Where the enemies are more than the ones who care The old who are brittle with knowledge far reaching The young ones pass by and claim them beseeching My brother fell down in the downnpouring rain They didnít see him and he washed down the drain My sister was hungry begging for food They thought she was lazy and obscenely rude If you were them , who would you be Until youíve worn their shoes you will never see me ~~PARADOXAL MINDGAME~~ June 1995 Paradoxal mindgame For whom to be deceived Camoflaged as wisdom The state has been received Stepping into deep realm Seeking truth of lore Mercenary visitors draw their slighty sword Beckoned from the distant shiftshaping land Where liars seek out the stark illusion grande Behold the wrath of one who knows Evil lurks in borrowed clothes Trying to shift the train of thought With throes of passion souls are bought Hearken friend, watch your door For those who knock want to play war ~~IF ONLY~~ 1995 As I walked down the path I could sense that you were near Perhaps it was your spirit wiping away my tear I could feel your arms around me, your gentle warm embrace Touching me so softly I could almost see your face Our hearts were chanting one with the spirits of the trees Lifting us up through the gentle passing breeze If I had only known when we reached the starlit sky The wind would take my hand And speak to me a lie When I broke through the cloud and floated back to the ground The rain was laughing pain and you were nowhere around So lonely do I tread, slowly walking amiss Embracing but the moment of our last goodbye kiss ~~REFLECTION~~ June 1995 Vanishing in a mirror reflection straightly though the window pane Logging the hour frequent knowing time of day Ceased by the caught illusion slipping through the crevice hole Rounded by vast perception but was stifled through the role Laughing at the simple voice carried through the wind Time scantly confused the motion , onward once again ~~CALL~~ June 1995 Rippling heart of the wild calling to the earth who knows her young They run away but always come home Peaceful state of borrowed beauty for only a short time Simple haven for retreat Into the ground from which we started safe in the arms of the mother herself Whose loving care when we first came Would guide us back again ~~WHOíS THERE?~~ 1995 Strike the straight and narrow with a golden glowing stick Hoping that the blaze will start to roar Rampant intrusion on the half of the whole They wonder but they still donít know Who can buy the tide with the whisper of the sea We stand behind the gate not contained Moving toward the sound we shout at the sun Battle of the distance half sustained We seem to be dancing though the music canít be heard They listen to the silence in the dark Stirring but a slight light of reflection Rubbing sticks together makes a spark ~~REPEAT~~ 1995 Slow it down or speed it up it always stays the same Ending is beginning it takes me home again Take one out, put one in it seems that Itís still there No one seems to notice, no one seems to care Even when the rabbit died it still lived through you Taking on new meaning, leaving not a clue ~~TRIP~~ 1995 At night by the river bank silver dust collected Glittering like diamonds in the scepteral light Raised by the angel showing gate to the land that was long since abandoned By the parasite called man Opening the vision clear the current strong is still Or was it an illusion all along? I heard my father calling saying child youíve come home Iíve waited many aeons for this stately time of season I thought that you were lost when the dove came home alone Though you seem a little different now I see the fire in your eyes And the nymph he will show you where he buried all the stars ~~TRAPDOOR~ June 1995 Visitor from where did you walk your last step Running from or welcoming the wind Seclusion has itís safety as the trapdoor it seems is open Falling through was never very easy Jumping over missing gain, only backwards to the same Destiny is only yours to take Chasing tail can make you see Thereís only one true source Though frantically astounded by the simple face of doubt The treading has sunk you into deeper direr grave But look, the top is bottom And it wasnít all so bad For it seems that the stranger Held onto tightly to my hand ~~RENEGADES~~ 1995 Renegades have seen the spades Of dancing time stand still Holocaust left them to lost with nothing more to hope for Death has sought their breath Banished city darkened Alone, to find their own without a light to see Stumbling, their world crumbing Down upon their shoulders Submission, to past tradition speaks only of their pain ~~JUST FOR A MOMENT~~ 1995 Just for a moment I reach for your passion In the dark pooled eyes that reach for my thoughts Beckoning with motive that seems to be higher Than the stars that light up the moon lit sky The prize is kept in an air tight box Locked with the dark key of distrust Limited to an unfulfilled fantasy That takes me to depths your eyes will not see ~~OUR SONG~~ 1996 Your words flow so easily as they guide me to a place Where the shadows havenít found the way to follow Though deception is tempting I throw it to the wind Who will take it to itís home in the shade Left alone with your song, Iíve known it all along That the battle was always within Though a truce was called and the casualties few Will the harmony now begin to blend? I can still hear your song though I know Iím not alone I just forgot that your song is mine ~~MESSENGER~~ 1996 Who have I become but a messenger With a message I donít really k now Patiently I wait for an answer To a question Iím sure I will never know ~~ELECTRIC DREAM~~ 1996 As I laid down to sleep I was awakened by a force Unseen by naked eye but felt throughout the soul Electricity runs through my cells jolting me to feel The love buried deep inside that suddenly is real Lifted from my place in space and floating down again Paralyzed by anxious dread I could feel no more Trapped in a room so small with a curtain made of fear I reached out for the Gods in the hopes that they would hear Help those who help themselves is what they always say I commanded to wake up and rose up from my bed ``LIES`~ 1996 Believe in the story of the days gone by For rumour has it that weíve all been told a lie Who walks among us and pretends to understand That it wasnít just a dream or just a slight of the hand Have you heard in the distance the roar of the thunder That captured your spirit and blew you asunder The tide has ripped through you though left you to stand For it too welcomes the wind and will guide you to land ````SHADOW``` 1996 Why did you jump out and scare me again Just when I thought you were gone for good You left just as quick as you came long ago I shouldíve known that it wouldnít be long Sneaking up from behind always made you smile As you glistened in the fear in my eyes Waiting with glances Looking over my shoulder Never helps for you still own the Element of surprise ~~SUSTAINING~~ 1996 Rock the cradle of despair My eyes have seen but cannot care Tripping over stepping stones I fell down and broke my bones Walking softly in the shade As if a zombie on parade They call to me and try to heal Knowing not that I cannot feel Through my curtain made of grey Sustained again inside the clay ~~ STILL LIFE~~ 1996 Still life, caught in motion Drifting in white space Where time is nonexistent Animation taken backwards Losing reason for the rhyme Clicking the pictures in their place Synchronicity is the key Images found in the mirror Reflections of strangers Gazing back at me ~~PRISON OF REASON~~ 1996 When I told you of my vision of the man from the stars You said it was a game played within my mind But how does logic know the secrets of the sun What is the answer if the question isnít known You told me to be silent for my words are so unheard But the hearing doesnít come to those with deafened ears Listen with your heart and then discernment will be clear Though I think you are held prisoner by reason ~~THE BOX~~ 1996 You took it all away My collected box of broken things The torn letter that I was saving Waiting for the missing piece The shattered glass I couldíve glued it back together Someday when hell froze over The dead flower.. That someone gave me long ago And said it would last forever The pictures with people missing Who would have guessed They were never really there The box always seemed to find itís way into my closet But you.. You finally found a way to make it disappear ~~~ROAD CLOSED~~ 1996 You know who I am youíve been here before You walked right through my dead-locked door Came right in though the sign said ďCLOSEDĒ Did you use the key you found on the road I thought I was alone on that darkened path You must have been quiet So I wouldnít look back I welcomed you in though it was quite a scare I didnít really think that you would find me here Hid and go seek was my favorite game And I was hid pretty good until you came Now Iím out in the open and I hope youíll stay Maybe we can find a new game to play ~~CRASHING INTO DAATH~~ August 5th, 2001 I cannot speak of shrouded things With brightened glow of things below Within the eyes these things are blinded Humbled- ever turning- winding Around the ape and serpent living Deep within- reverse in rhyme Toward past the fire ever burning Around to meet in center stirring Eternity in a liquid mirror A swirl of magic in the air A seed was planted in the void A choice that cannot be destroyed An embryonic child floating Filled with life and ever growing Breathing deep the cosmic waters Exhaling light in forceful showers The blue light liquid formed a shape The day the man merged with the ape The serpent climbed The earth is shaking. ~~PAINTED NATURE~~ 1996 The trees danced to the bellowing wind As the windchime played itís tune And the diamonds glistened in the rippling waves As the sun bent down to the orange moon The blue canvas in the skyway view Clouds are pictures drifting through The crickets sing the lullaby Until early birds emit their cry To awaken spirit of the rising sun Whose job is it to shine light on one `~~REPEAT TWO~ 1996 Why did I come back here again Itís always the same wherever you go I look at you though I know youíre me Really Whatís the point? Itís endless and Iím so very tired of trying To make the you of me see See what? Well , I donít really know So I guess thatís the game And I quit! I see you and I heard what you said But words mean nothing to the me of you And I guess when we get there then weíll know Why we came back here To this same old place Of the the ďwondering why weíre hereĒ ~~BARRICADED SOUL~~ 1996 The rain It cleanses me Trickles through my veins Flowing through my blood Animal wind Calling me home So long ago forgotten Where my family awaits Crashing thunder Awaken To a lingering memory The mist of the calling sun Lightening dances Barricaded soul Left to mass disarray With the barrier frayed ~~ANCIENT SIGN~~ 1995 The stranger held me on his lap, though a friend from long ago Holding knowledge of ancient days, repeating what Iíve always known Black melted wax disintegrates into burning hot embers Glancing into crystal waters Yesterday encases my soul The shadow creature found me grey Though I slipped through defeats clutches To wait for one with cast illusion A sign from my friend the stranger ~~ROSE SPECTACLES~~ September 19, 1995 Spectacle shades of rose, blinded for an eternity it seemed You looked different then, back in the days of burning hell Where the flames danced in circles round Silently standing in the middle waiting for the shatter When courage rose and took them off You look different now Now that theyíre gone My eyes have cleared, through the fire that wasnít even there Deceptive glasses colored rose ~~TRIP TO THE STARS~~ July 1995 Locked tightly in my small matchbox Wondering how I can set myself free Knowing safety lies in walls that contain Though Iím struggling just to breath Escaped through a crack for a moment in time Traveled far on a warm summer breeze On the wings of a friendly chuckling bird To the tide of the seven seas The seagulls laughed at the peculiar sight And joined us on a trip to the stars Who gleamed in delight for newfound friends And then drew us a map to mars But old Father Time pointed at his watch And said it was time to go home With a sad little grin I said goodbye to my friend And went back to my box alone ~~SERIOUS~~ 1995 Serious, who gave birth to that guy Who likes to live under the gun Happy is a jolly old fellow Who knows how to still have fun If Serious could be Happyís friend He would see the rabbit jump out of the hat But the rabbit knows Serious well And knows heíd get hit with a bat So Happy Keep Serious away For he doesnít know how to grin For you see Heís Miserys friend They think Happy is the worlds biggest sin ~~BLOOD SISTER~~ 1995 Paralysis surged through my body trapped within the shell Struggling for new deliverance from the virtual hell When a tiny lass with youthful way abounded through the door With anarchy upon her face she prepared for bloody war Self destruction suited her, she left for endless seconds Second though had framed her way, and with dagger she would reckon Severing my dormant limb though fully quite aware Numbness had called on strength, a moment we both would share With thought I called out to her, ďCome angry little oneĒ She disappeared into the night, the bloody ritual done ~~HANGING BY A THREAD~~ 1995 Tugged on the rope too taut, the edges are fraying away Left to bare a frail thread, unraveling more each day When the final strand has ceased to hold Dominoes falling like mighty bricks The weight of ten tons over limit Come crashing down upon my head Dashing for protective cover Safe within the blanket of white Cushioned from the material blow, a familiar sigh has uttered relief Braiding the rope back together Made stronger with help from a friend Into an indestructible tether.. ~~LOOKING FOR UNION~~ 1995 Walking down Lost Road Treading the path of the Hill I wander looking for Union Where the man has been sent to kill A French lieutenant by the name of Pierre Jean Claude Who lives in a house made of brick A red school house where learning is past But the meadow of green is still The flowers have ceased to grow On the battleground of long ago He called me though I couldnít hear The frequency changed and the line went dead So he sat alone with his empty phone And waited with anxious dread Though I waited for his call again The answer still hasnít come Why the war of a thousand years Still goes on his head Maybe when the flowers grow Maybe then heíll finally know ~~ON THE EDGE~~ 1995 Shifting through the paradigm Lacking but a motion Sifting through the symptom of anguish Standing on the border Closer to the edge The rope has been dangled from above Gripping onto tightly Slipping for a moment The darkness below beckons my fall Steepness has measured a long worthy distance If only strength could scale the wall ~~LEFT FOR DEAD~~ 1995 Left for dead on the stairway I opened hallowed eyes to see But could not For the pennies laid heavily With the forces of gravity prevailing Inward glancing clearly The fog has lifted once again Alive to walk slowly to the top ~~SHADOW HAUNTS~~ 1995 I scream unearthly cries Wailing echoes through the valley Where the grass is dead never to grow green again I haunt through hollow hole Eating all your pleasure, dissolving it into pain I find your weakest bone, crushing it into dust Blown away to howling wind I know you as you are me Though kept tightly locked up I can escape through fear My name is Shadow My existence is clear ~~`WINTER COLD~~ 1995 I called for you many times You came with the gentle wind White Candles burning softly in the warm trace of your light The sureness of your heart opened gates of lost abandon Gushing water emptied into rapid flowing stream Flooding into my head, drowning in confusion Damned the cleansing water Until the sun begins to shine But you, my dearest love, I left you in the bitter winter Hoping that my flame will remain to keep you warm ~~IMMORTAL DREAM~~ 1996 As night overtook my consciousness I sought out a spirit in flight Which took me away on a moonlit journey Where I found you amidst your dreams We raced on the snowcovered mountain With the laugh of the count we numbered the stars And the spell of immortality was cast upon my heart Yesterday remains forever and a day Though I light the deep red candle Youíre still a million miles away Someday youíll awake and remember Youíve always been here with me ~~AGONY~~ 1996 Slapping your face was like a crack of thunder On a warm summer day Slamming the door hammers through my soul As I waited for you to knock again Falling tears drowning my sorrows In the lake of agony Another day my heart speaks of your safe return ~~BLINDED~~ 1996 The mask of deception has clothed my face Bore alone to travel the depths of yesteryear Sinking deeper as the trickling sands Slip quickly through the hourglass Leaving me to ponder through the tears Iíve called out with wretching screams Knowing they are there remaining silent Waiting for my eyes to clear and finally see A newborn baby breathing life for the first time Gasping air though hungry yet for the water Perhaps the blindness remains to be a scar From a misdeed remembered from days long ago Wondering if theyíll wait for merciful cries Or if theyíll leave me on the doorstep abandoned ~~SCATTERED STONES~~ 1996 I bend down to pick up the stone that I tripped over in my last step But alas, itís surrounded by many Allowing me not the focus of one Clearing the path that lies ahead, watching the steps that are taken I begin realization of the moment That the bird is singing his song for my ears And I know he will sing again Now the rain comes in place of my tears The sun has become my friend That the spirit of the bird in my memory lingers with the one in the Ageless Tree ~~THE DESERT~~ 1995 Barefoot, I walk through the desert sand Stagnant heat rips through me from the scorching sun Scorpions with stingers poised await my passing Buzzards are laughing for my time is near Anxious they are ravenous for their feast Barefoot I walk through the desert sand The prickly cactus bends out a welcome call For their paradise is as lonely as a passing wind The sunset paints colors in the open sky As the moon awakens to the barren floor Casting a mirage of crystal lake Barefoot I walk through the desert sand ~~ECHO~~ 1995 Your call came to me, a simple melody in the wind I felt you grasp my hand again, but your fingers slipped away The storm still reigns though I struggle to keep the battered shelter Staid While you slumber through the echo of the rain Though I know of your nightmare I can only watch you sleep And wait for the Sun to wake you ~~UNDERGROUND~~ 1995 Amazing grace Iíve seen the face of the one who walks with the staff Instill my heart Iím coming apart For I long for the green meadow grass Behold the light that shines at night for the end has only begun Desire to heal the one made of steel though their only wish is to run ~~ICE~~ 1995 Though the cold winter snow falls upon me like the night upon the earth Causing it to slumber Frozen solid the ice runs through me like a knife Swiftly through my heart Alone Thoughts of you tend to the flickering flame burning within my soul if only A moment Until the blizzard has passed and the warmth of the sun Has joined us together once again ~~THE BOX~ 1995 Ages of wisdom left to tarnish in the old copper box in the basement Only a few knew its hiding place Though even they knew not where the key lay For an old man filled with greed Hungry yet for more knowledge still knew that he was the richest With the pride he contained And no one could match his power But on a warm summer day A little girl with big open eyes Did see the box alone in the basement Hidden behind the wall, she saw it Through the crack and wished a knowing wish That the key left long ago to be handed down From generation of daughters,not broken, would fit And it did, unlocking the ancient mysteries of old ~~BLUE~~ 1995 It is true, the passion of blue Is deeper than the rose of red Sorrow and sadness hold hands with gladness Pain has taught flames to dance Itís sad, when the light is had Shows the shadows of the darkest corners Continuing to struggle but not stopping to snuggle Love was never given a chance ~~THE DISAPPEARANCE~ 1995 Training the eyes to see was more a chore than my mind could embrace The blur entangled me like a widows web Glimpsing through the pinhole trying to embrace the warmth again The struggle was too severe Losing sight of what I became Engulfed once again the darkness Nothing mattered since I disappeared ~~LOST REFLECTION~~ 1995 She walked down to the rivershore To see her reflection in the mirror Ripples blew enchantment into her flowing dark hair Glistening with magic dust she stepped upon the deck Of a boat called the River Queen A returned illusion from a wreck She sailed on the current of the wicked undertow Collecting precious gems for the King to bestow When she reached the Crystal palace she found a lock upon the door Turning, she walked away, knowing she wasnít welcome any more ~~TRANCE~~ 1995 The parade, thus it seems the captured moment has but escaped Watchers all, held captive by the moment when the horse stands tall and proud Striking dead, a simple notion that this showcase s but an illusion in their head So they dance, showing us to follow in their inescapable trance Pleased to meet you sir as the world has gone a blur and the simple way has pleased me so a walking I will go ~~INTO TOMORROW~~ 1995 Ricochet the blade, that warranted attention He sought to be the one of worldly affection Traitor, the rogue of the simple mind at ease Releasing all his power to an apparition need Scaling the wall, had been a humble task indeed Mystery of the man who wears the hood of illusion Causing him to stumble, falling into seclusion Wanting to return, though afraid of the dragon Utters not a word for heís sure heís been abandoned Submissive to the fear of being unduly stranded Lying down to dream, he becomes aware of the door Resisting the temptation, for it wasnít there before Awakened from his slumber, with the wish he could have stayed But his home is in the darkness, the eternal shade of grey Tricked into thinking heís been molded into clay Sitting down to wait for release from his cage He strains his ears to hear a haunting song being played A very simple tune made with just a few key chords The melody of enchantment of a place heís been before Gathering up his courage, he opens up the door ~~ILLUSION~~ 1995 Strength it comes only when one is weakened by the rusty hinges holding up the door Escape through untold intention has but covered up the crack in the floor Struggle prevails through uncertainty as it rains in the window not closed Returning to the art of illusion Finding the way down the road ~~LORALEI Ė ONE~~ 1996 One starlit night as I was walking Down the trail of River Bend I saw you, you were there As you were always there But you were different, just enough Just enough, I ran away Far away, to this day, donít see you any more Fore I know Now I know who you were and where youíve been Letís pretend, lets pretend youíve gone away Far away, to a place where Iíll never see your face Or hear your all, yes my dear, I can still hear your call For my fall, did you think Did you think you could succeed? Dying breed, yes we walk, we walk the path of dusty trail With the form of the living With the living we prevail ~~LORALEI Ė TWO~~ (same poem Ėdifferent mix) 1996 One night as I was walking toward the light You appeared, you, the one I most feared Always there, I called you, once on a dare In disguise, I hadnít recognized your lies If I had only knew the song of Loralei I could have opened up my eyes to see One summer day, when you let me out to play I heard a song, though it wasnít very long I began to see you, then I ran Ran far away, for you looked different on this day I had heard the song of Loralei Now my eyes were beginning to see Call of death, I can almost feel your breath Dying breed, did you think you would succeed Dusty trial, but through the living we prevail With a form, that you can never adorn Now I sing the song of Loralei Hoping that others will see `~~MY IMAGINARY LOVER~~ 1996 My imaginary lover, to whom Iíve found no other You remain the object of my thoughts You hide in utter silence, stand in strict defiance Staring at my innocence has always been your vice Stammering I wonder, if I have fell asunder Or stood in silence choosing not to seek For life has been to easy, when I choose you not to please me And you remain a shadow in my mind My visionary lover, to whom Iíve found no other You remain the object of my life ~~~FLIP SIDE~ 1996 Watching through the threshold of the window of pain I saw, I saw the grass on the hill On the other side, where the meadow is green And the flowers are always in bloom Peering through the doorway on the flip side of the wall I noticed, yes I noticed my people They waved as to greet me, not to deceive me Welcoming me with open arms ~~~~~SUGGESTION~~ 1996 He was lost Shifting movement of the sand His sight was overcome by the dust Succumbing to the thought that he could no longer see Frantically groping the air with his hand Standing on the edge of the rainbow No longer seeing the color of light Drifting to the darkness closer to the edge Returning to the spirits of the night They say he is burning in the infernal flame Where demons are chanting his name But his eyes have cleared and he no longer feared For his only hell was on this plane ~~RUNNING THROUGH THE WOODS~~ 1996 To run through the woods Barefoot I had only take off my shoes The black ones, with straps That Iíve worn since time stood still ~~ENGRAVED IN TIME~~ 1996 She walked in and she saw him Once again, he touched her soul With the flame of burning desire For the love that they shared long ago He took her to the Crystal palace Where guards were standing to protect But she looked in the mirror and saw her fear Fleeing from her own self respect He followed for a moment engraved in time Knowing the wall was made of brick He held her hand and kissed her good-bye For the wall was made too thick Though she cried with tears unyielding Knowing that he had been her own She left for fear he was deception And he could turn her heart to stone ~~PLAYER PIANIST~~ 1996 Wandering through the woods at night Crimson light Welcomes fright Fearing that the path I walk will never clear the end Simple trine enchanted tunes Swaying swoons Pale lit moons Lifted by the morning breeze of daylight creeping in Fragrant budding of flowers bloom Coloured loom Seizing doom Tripping into ecstasy where life has made itís claim Spreading of the wings to fly Soaring high Starlit sky Recognition of the dream will never be the same Beckoned by the song of yore Lofty lore Drifting shore Misty veils are closing eyes to shadow walk again Darkness rails the newfound bliss Phantom kiss Jarred amiss Muses in the bay emit their wailing echo cries ~~UNLEASH~~ 1996 Palliid, whatís become of me Hearing forgotten scriptures of old Melody, has enraptured me As the forbidden secrets unfold Laid to sleep but could not rest The structures weakened at the foundation Letting loose the animal within For a time, when rhyme forgot reason Led by the straying arms My heart left beating to the tun of the nonchalant drummer Total being what you sought for yesterday Which never came Even when youíre not seeking truth Truth has a way of finding you Itís agreed upon that which holds tomorrow may someday reign the free world ~~THE LIGHTENING~~ 1996 Has deceit fleshed my body And clothed my mind in tattered dress Where wisdom has found a hole to lie Pressured by the scapegoat man Restless from a surging hunger With skill, the anguish cleaves Garnished with the costume mask Trained by those who glory seek Guided to the point too far When scattered voices screamed ďBehind you, look, the lesson lies To hear not now to fall againĒ Beneath the barren scripture wall Touching but uncertain paths The past has sought the turn of time Glancing over shoulder bares Remembrance of the sage once known Turning face to hear the thunder From the lightning comes the clue ~~~~~FALL~~~~ 1996 Fallen state to berate the wrath of the wanting man Whose powerful will has become his only friend and foe Lunging into the darkness, eternal flames sears his passions Wanting for not what has become of him Glancing unto one of them, they become you Calling to your heart to listen to the morning sun That sheds the light for what seems to be a moment And welcomes day before the rain begins to fall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~A HIDING PLACE~` 1996 I was hiding under the shield of the mighty mountain When you searched the hidden valleys by the creek Thirsty for the sweet golden nectar That you so like to drink The wind has whispered of your hunger Ravenous, though I will feed you no more The dove has sung the song of enchantment Showing me escape through the door You stumble to the door,, you cannot open For you are blind and you cannot see Feasting on another, an eternal addiction Trapped in a mirage of what you can no longer be Guarded by the White Knight of Trinidad He carries me upon his golden steed To the crystal palace found in my seclusion Where there is no wanting And there is no need ~~~~GYPSY GIRL~~~ 1996 Thank you for the time wrought with drunken wine For my existence has struggled to stay You took me by the hand we left your merry land To dance together if only for a day Was the song too long or perhaps it was wrong Struggling to make it work that way When you felt the moonlight swirl of the dancing gypsy girl Who has cast her spell your way ~~LIVING LEGEND~~~ 1996 The tides are turning, the fire burning We walk beneath the sea The treasure is found , we become earthbound To live by Apolloís creed The Gods have become your brothers Your sister Aphrodite lives down the street Zeus is your loving father With a few you have yet to meet The circle has become never ending And time has begun to stand still In the middle, life is a fairy tale Where the participants only seem real Did you see the wolf in sheeps clothing Or the prince that was turned into a frog Your fairy godmother helped you last night When you found yourself lost in the fog Watching the enfolding drama Which it seems can only repeat If you would like to join me for the next act I can help you locate your seat ~~HAUNTING VISION~~ 1996 Waltzing naked in the night as my form remains asleep Has my sanity flown away Developed wings and flown away A moments thought pursuant of the never binding wish To walk amidst my guiding friends Letting go I see my friends Leaving hold of one who left Perchance to remain still Waiting patient for eyes to see Remaining still when I could see Our final dance, the final stage We lie in loving sweet embrace When vision left I seen the face Carried through that haunting face ~~NECROMANTICS~ 1996 Sitting in the box of necromance The air rotates and separates Distinguished from disaster Speck of dust becomes a ball of swirling light of passion Stay now, stay now, with that of which to stay now Images found in the box To lead without a tether Ruptures permeated lines Straight into tomorrow Stay now, stay now, With that of which I stay now ~~RISING FIRE~ 1996 courted by a nightly jest from the terrain of tomorrow Slipped through the crack in the void of which remains still Surrounded by the wave, theyíve finally come to save me If only for a moment, Eternity has been fulfilled Are they of the necromance When the music stopped they seized the chance The dance of the waking moment Unlocking time within the box Enclosed under sacred lock and key The fire has risen Enabling the blind to see ~~LAW UNSPOKEN~~ 1996 Who inspired this fate, filled with anger and hate Has it all been a game, with yourself to blame Who made the rules to this game for fools Iíve heard the law unspoken Is it time to begin, give the wheel a spin Chances collide, walked out from inside Swept from the dream, as hard as it seemed Iíve heard the law unspoken ~~HOW LONG WILL I BE WAITING~~ How long will I be waiting Now that I know it is you I heard the muse of long ago When you frightened me away No I wonít deny it I wonít run away in fear Iíll be waiting in the chamber For your return again my dear If you could only hear me answer When I know you wake my soul How long will I be waiting Now that I know itís you Weíve dance in the darkness To only separate again One day weíll both awaken To eternity our spirits blending How long will you be How long will I be waiting Now that I know itís you ~~ROAD CALLED NEXT TO TOMORROW~~ 1997 Iíve reckoned with trite composure And Iíve balanced on a line too thin One day I swayed too far one way Causing strife down a road Iíve been The road called Next to Tomorrow Where they scream at the past mistakes If I could just borrow, their unbridled sorrow That would be just one less chance to take Iíve traveled to an unknown region Which can only be labeled insane By those who have stayed because theyíre afraid Of the beauty of the vast new terrain As I chance the struggle of confusion And battle the mind to the end The future unknown will someday loan The insight to the perfect blend ~~~SLAVE OF DARKNESS~~ 1996 I held his hand through the land of the damned And seen eternity rise One last chance till the final dance With my soul as the sacrifice The phoenix flew, and I finally knew I had one chance to escape Holding tight to the bird, though it seemed absurd And was freed from the darkened fate Though the river runs in one direction And the fire still burns hot Iíve kept hold of the image in the reflection Which cannot be borrowed or bough I havenít closed the book on the blackened rook As his tale has just behun For he was deceived, and was captured by the Queen And his chance of escape slim to none So I watch in the dark, at the fallen lark As he desperately tries to fly If he would just look, to the end of the book Heíd be free to fly into the sky Where the river still runs in one direction And the fire still burns hot If heíd just grasp his image in the vast reflection He would never be borrowed or bought Iíve tried holding steady until heís ready Though Iím told the time is near When theyíve paid in full and completely rule Their puppet made of fear And heíll only dance, when they give him a chance Blind though they can see I can only watch as he continues to dodge The fate that belonged to me The river still runs in one direction The flame will always burn hot But Iíll never again lose the image in the reflection And Iíll never be borrowed or bought ~~LURKING~~ 1996 Believe me, trust me, Iíd never tell a lie Turn your back, so I can attack And leave before I say good-bye Jaded, sedated, almost completely faded Caught in the turn, I thought you learned That I would never die You heard the voice within last night Though shuddering you knew Iíve never missed a blink of an eye And for eternity I will pursue ~~~TRAPPED IN HELL~~ 1996 I didnít see the curtain fall As the last brick completed my barren wall I couldnít feel the water rise As I drowned in the deception made out of lies You took my hand, and helped me stand My only friend in this unknown land We went by boat, the water churned I realized too late I could never return They came but couldnít hear my cries You captured their attention with your new disguise They envisioned what you made them dream If only they could hear my eternal screams You took me to hell, letft me to burn Your haunting laughter takes a twisted turn Remind me my friend, I can never go home again Iím stuck in this nightmare till the bitter end ~~ETERNAL INCARCERATION~~ 1996 Lying down to rest, but could not sleep As a thousand chants seem to utter my name Iím lifted through the fog to a skyway view The tale has begun to replay Somewhere, long ago, I was lost in a maze A shattering crash left time to stand still As the bridge disappeared, I entered a daze In the town of the unfamiliars I heard the voices, calling, searching But to my disdain, I could utter no sound I searched still the same, for just even my name It was then, I saw my brother So I ran to him, pleaded him Letís go back home, you must know the way ďHow much will you pay?Ē He muttered with no recognition So I wandered through this lost city With the aim of the blinded archer Confused, in pain, every turn was the same In this place of no departure My father appears from time to time In a form I have yet to receive For he comes and goes, as the wind surely blows Leaving me alone in this strange domain This eternal point of incarceration Has ceased to admit my disgrace I still hear a thousand voices calling ďWhere are You?, come home again..Ē ~~~DROWNING~~ 1996 One look in your eyes captured me And I knew I was drowning In the tide of the sea Surrendering for a time to the current My breath has forsaken me Adjoined with the turbulence Going down for the third time On my own All alone As it seems, or are you by side Have the richest of treasures been exposed to our souls? Or an illusion Which will quickly subside ~~WRATH OF NEMESIS~~ 1996 Four counts of manslaughter, murder in the first degree Though the body walks upon this earth The spirit the Reaper seized Stone cold eyes glaring red, an eye for an eye they said Nemesis has no mercy, there is no protection from the dead Betrayed once in the harvest Though torn she let him in He ripped through her open wound Concurred through second deadly sin The lies portrayed a figment of the mind His triple gain Her heart lie gaping from the knife Denouncing all the pain Fourth account while lying cold he danced upon her grave Justice hunts the wicked with the wrath of the betrayed ~~THE WITCH OF TRAVERSE HARBOUR~~ 1996 The Witch of Traverse Harbour, disguised as maiden fair Went into town and looked around Hypnotizing men with her stare The men they gaped with wonder And followed her wherever she went She must be mine, they versed in chime Leading to their descent With sweet honey she fed them Dancing with them Ďtill dawn Lured away, they went astray The maps to their souls were drawn She took them to the River Styx and paid the ferry man his gold Feeling proud, she laughed aloud Eternal youth was hers to behold Be wary of an elegant beauty Enticing you with her song Cling to your mate, the choice is your fat And hell is the prize if youíre wrong ~~~BACKWARDS~ 1996 To whom it may concern, life was a struggle from the start Pushed from the beginning with a frightful static scream Tried to wak but fell as they laughed at vanquished efforts Juggling pain with passion has encountered the final gain Spun the wheel of fortune past the point of no disdain In the clockwise direction where the seconds run their toll As the teary moonlight window rose I glanced toward the heavens Twinkling eyes, winking twice Twas yesterday remembered A growing star with distant call The light grows even brighter Tomorrow sings of sacred things That leaves no hope unmeasured Wished upon a falling star A glittering glowing ember For one who could take the summer sun And save it for December ~~~~~STAY~~~ 1996 A whisper in my ear, so clear Your touch embraced my thoughts I wish you knew, I think itís you But the pain still holds me distraught Iíve been bound by time in the passing And Iíve struggled forever it seems But when you held me close, I watched the ghost Of the past take flight and leave Iíd walk with you through tomorrow Will you stay just one more day And whisper in my ear, so clear That you will love me when Iím gray ~~~THE KNIGHT OF WINDSOR~~~ 1996 Ode to the Knight of Windsor riding the gallant steed With sword in hand he awaits the knock Of the word heís been ordered to heed For the mission he was chosen Once upon a time long ago By the King who reigns the land The river boat someday will come And you shall have the princesses hand Her eyes they burn of fire Your sword can capture that flame When this done you shall be one Never to be the same ~~DREAM-PAST LIFE~ 1996 Say hello to an old friend, but I canít seem to recall your name Been in this boat so many times before And the feelings have kept just the same Said good-bye once upon a time But a word void of feeling is bare And just, as the sun surely rises I hid my love behind a lonely eyed stare Has it been so very long ago When we embraced on that warm summer day Or yesterday, when the rain fell And we kissed in the midst of its spray If I asked you stay and you couldnít I know Iíd have no time for sorrow For in all the centuries together weíve seen There is always a chance for tomorrow ~~VISION OF HOPE~~ 1996 To have a hope become a vision that suddenly becomes clear The brightest star lighting the night sky When the dream long ago finds its way back to your heart Embrace the warmth of its tender soft glow Has it been so long ago that you dared to fly On the wings of your guardian angel With the faith that youíll go to your highest unknown Leaving a light for others to see by. ~~TEN OíCLOCK WIND~~ 1996 In dreaming Iíve awakened and spoken this truth But to whom I am left unawares In my own house Iíve noticed a table disappeared With a window left gaping in the ten oíclock wind So I travel a distance with uncertain call Making left turns and right turns to where Iím not sure But a woman in passing on a red brick road Led me back to where I shall follow Or lead, shall I cleave to the break of tomorrow Or rest in the arms of the pain of sorrow? ~~~IT WAS YOU~~ 1996 It was you who awoke me It was I said you We are I , we are You From the North blows the wind in the broken up breath I was there with you You were here with me To the West lies the sun Glowing orange in our faces With the face of noon We will all go home soon ~~~THE FOREST OF FIRE~~ 1996 I went on a journey through the forest of rain Knowing Iíve walked desolate in time past The gust of wind bellows through the singular tree A faint mark on the oak has a clue for me I donít recall ever seeing this rose of black But the sight of the thorns play a melody The red river is flowing to the rhythm of time With my beating heart as the keeper The bird lands adrift in the palm of my hand Where heís free to bid me bon jour Welcome dear friend, I chime in song I wish I could ride on your wing But do need your help in a matter at hand Involving a gold ring of antiquity I can tie it secure with this string from the spider Could you deliver it to the old man in the knoll And with that, my courier bid his adieu Onward with a smile to a maple I came I saw my name joined with the heart of another Although I donít recall leaving my heart here I asked the tree if he was the guardian Twas a long time in passing was what he replied As the wind interpreted his words The river changed notice from red to sheer As he pointed to the adjoining valley ďhe went that wayĒ said the tree ďfor he though you took leave though he still searches for the drifting essence he is lost down there, but you musnít dare to follow perchance youíll succumbĒ Is there chance for escape for my lover? Or has he beckoned to fates certain call? ďThe chance is slim, said the tree, my friend For he is nearly one step from the fall If you cross to the nearby forest And sing the song of Immortal amour Perhaps he will hear and see the shimmer in the tears Which will reunite you in the forest of fireĒ ~~BASEBALL~~ 1996 Fashionably late, as he always was He walked in with a bold sort of grace She turned her head with a hidden smirk Afraid she would laugh in his face She stomped her foot when he beckoned her And slipped him a mean wily glare He laughed aloud and headed for the crowd Undazed by the dagger in her stare One strike, she though, with a murmur Trying to compose a new strategic move She found across the room a suave looking dude Jealousy was the weapon to choose Gathering her most charming composure She asked the debonair man to dance With a quick shoulder peek, she expected to see Her faint hearted man glaring back What she saw left her standing in the cold In awe, for it just couldnít be He was dancing in tune, with a beauty across the room And delivered her a quick little wink Trying to contain her storm of fury As she thanked the chap for the score She gathered her coat and the things she brought And headed straight for the door But her self stopped her at the half way mark And said, only two strikes my dear You have another chance, to gain his advance Just try to be carefully clear So she approached him a pose unwinding Gently touched her hand to his arms ďI am sorryĒ she endeared, ďbut I am so glad youíre hereĒ And he looked with a newfound alarm ďNoĒ, he said ďthis was of my making, My lateness has caused our distress If you will take my hand, I will speak to the band To our song weíll danceĒ he said with loving caress Homerun, she though with a smile And to think that my chance seemed rare She started to run but the inning was done For he had caught the ball in midair ~~THE OTHER HALF~~ 1996 My heart felt the deepened passion for those in their wondering dance Since the call of the tribe has left them, theyíve yet to find the one Only half of them left the circle, leaving half behind They cannot look at what they cannot see So they run in reverse all at once I can only comfort their sorrow, at what could never be For I am not what they are looking for From the darkened depths of the sea If they would seach behind the curtiain She would appear like a bride in a dream If they would only take her hand again Their sould together will gleam ~~~~THE OTHER~~ 1996 One quick look and I knew I was no longer construed to be limited only to one Pursued, yes pursued, as if endlessly caught in the paradox of stay or to run Facing death, so they say, yes the reaper in black, with his fortune of gaining the stance Why I tempted my fate with this game that I play, isnít curious what killed the cat? Retreating from the battlefield, I slip through the door, not as before but as properly done The boxes are lined in the hall, though quite empty, I turn face to the past battles Iíve won In the house, the distinction has opened my eyes if to see that itís all been a dream With no worry for the other, for she sleeps in complete shelter and freedom has found a new ring Flying, what a chore, when you donít know the score, can be dreadfully hard to obtain But to gain the composure with the help from a stranger, a menial task to sustain A newfound aquaintance has found a way in In the guise of a wandering red cardinal A small chat with gray cat who seemed delightfully pleased with no intent of a kill to follow Sir Tish on the other hand wasnít appeased To welcome this newfound intrusion For you see he thinks better to annihilate them all Than to risk a chance of illusion So a few words of coaxing and he mumbled agreement to be on his best behavior Off they all went to welcome the fledgling and left me standing in the corridor Glancing in the attic, the girl worked in focused attention on her new creation Which led me return to the youngster face forward whose chore was the means to her end If I had spoken the word, she wouldíve leaped in a blur for I knew she had heart to follow But the man disagreed, for fear was his creed, and he ordered them clear of the hollow. ~~HALLOWED~ 1996 It wonít be long before I call to you, It wonít be long The time you knew has left and has been oh so long gone Hallowed be thy name I feel your pain Hallowed be thy name, itís still the same I am your pain The trouble started long ago With hypnotic staring eyes Donít you feel they lie behind their hidden disguise Hallowed be thy name I feel your pain Hallowed be thy name, itís still the same , I am your pain If only you had chanced to look away that day Youíd be free to wash away into the cleansing rain ~~THE GHOSTLY MAIDEN~~ 1996 He had forgotten the plan, when he returned to the land That was mysteriously put under a trance This was what we agreed, she wanted to plead But he was already caught in the dance Could it really be you, but she already knew For she had seen her heart in his eyes He had become a slave, to the big charade As he tried to hide truth behind lies To the chamber, my ghostly maiden Where you shall listen for the tide of the seas Whe you hear the call of the bird in song You will know together we are finally free A beacon appeared and the man endeared You seem to be earlier than planned If a motion is stopped before it is clocked Then weíll have to repeat it again It just couldnít be, for she could plainly see That surely he was clearly the one He had seen in her mind for the man wasnít blind To the fact that her mind was his own To the chamber my ghostly maiden Where you shall listen for the tide of the seas When you hear the call of the bird in song You will know together we are finally free Patience my dear, he whispered in her ear For the future only waits to be seen In the silence of the night, by the pale moonlight I will visit you amidst your dreams You must not speak or havoc will wreak Perchance tomorrow may never come For if the tale is heard, they will kill the bird And the tide will quickly over run To the chamber, my ghostly maiden Where you shall listen for the tide of the seas When you hear the call of the bird in song You will know together we are finally free The days it seemed an eternity As she listened to the stillness of the night Whispering his name, but a thought just the same He appeared in anger, jolting her afright You musnít interfere, I believe I made that clear And you rudely resisted my request If your patience fails once more, Iíll be doomed to the shore And forever you alone will rest To the chamber my ghostly maiden Where you shall listen to the tide of the seas Whe you hear the call of the bird in song Youíll know together we are finally free So without a thought, to hold her distraught She awaits with an ear to the wind Her heart is bleeding, from the passionate needing Of the most gentle kisses from him She sits without fear, for she knows he is near But the future the clock will not tell Has the water been stilled? The bird killed? Will she die alone in this chamber of hell? In the chamber awaits the ghostly maiden She hears the tide of the seas She hears the call of the bird in song And together theyíve both been freed ~~~TIME~~ 1996 A day to look in the hourglass Or save an hour or was it two? Reflecting back upon me An image that looked like you As the sand tricked my mind into thinking Time ever slips away If I caught every grain before the next moment Iíd have had a treasure of moments today ~~AWAY~~ 1996 It wasnít longer than yesterday He came and stole my soul away If I could sway his thoughts my way Heíd know my ever binding wish What can this be? My once beautiful melody Has hammered into a crashing roar I canít think straight anymore Why do they go away? My hearts in pain and ragin war? Why do they always go away? It must have been the look he saw Afraid it might catch him too Better to run away, than to be forced to play What can this be? My once beautiful melody Has hammered into a crashing roar I canít think straight anymore Why do they go away? My hearts in pain and raging war Why do they always go away? I know He will be back fore more He knows he stole my soul away Not much longer than yesterday He plans to finish the score ~~ETERNAL PLAYGROUND~~ 1996 Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy Ashes, ashes, hear how the thunder crashes Round and round I seem to be bound with a rope so tight I canít breath He hears me walk, he hears me talk, though Iíve tried he just wonít leave How can it be? That heís following me For he appears to be only a man But wherever I go I know he knows For he is always wherever Iíve ran ~~TRAGIC INTERTWINING~ 1996 He hears her calling to the wild wind Gentle blowing through the rustling leaves He wanders in search of this temptress of fate Though he trusts no one, like he trusted her She was the only one who could possess him Even the darkness bowed on itís knee The rumbling fierceness vanished with no trace When she called to him Comforted him Like a babe held with love in his mothers arms His sorrow could not contain in her warm placid waters Sustained the moment he died, so that she could be free He would never forget The pain when she left Though it was he who dipped the arrow in crimson Measuring every breath of her life that he seized He would never forget how her tears looked like rain On a warm summer day She looked beautiful that way ~~PENNY OF GOLD~~ 1996 I walked to the well, the wishing mans well They say you should always watch what you wish for For if you wish on a star thatís about to fall That fallen star will become you I dug for a penny in my pocket bare But with nothing, I could subscribe Alas, on the ground, by where the wishing well stood A bright coin was left for me to find Perhaps by luck I was chosen Or fate, finding me on my way Or in clever disguise, a satanic surprise A temptation to throw me astray I shuddered fo a fluttering moment As the penny became gold in my hand With a vision in mind, the contract now signed As my token sunk it was that I knew Penniless, I pondered for a moment My life would now never be the same I looked to the sky and the stars did comply For there were no falling stars today ~~HIM AGAIN~ 1996 With a quick wink he tipped his hat And who fair beauty might you be? She curtsied in politeness waver One whom you have come to savor You knew me once in times of laden A saddened, scorned, distressful maiden Was then you took me fancy flurry My heart and soul you sent a stirring Racing forth, my vision blurring My eyes then cleared and you were gone Laughter creased his dancing eyes I shall shoot this man in my disguise For ours is time of sweet entourgement Iím sorry for your sad divergence Will you join me now in gesture Together now, we will sequester So be it now, but what much longer As yesterday, today youíll ponder She sighed for that youíve been dishonored Tomorrow yet my breath does breathe! Believe me not, if not before I love you now if only more With sudden swiftness he embraced her Captured now she was in danger Her heart and soul was sent a stirring Suddenly her vision blurring He held her close as close could be For to let go, the end heíd see Their love was one of sanctity And for that heíd look no more ~~FRIEND LOST~~ 1997 If I could call you on the phone I know that you would be there To give me one more reason to act as if I care That Iíll wake again tomorrow, if only one more day For only in the waking, the dreams I have will stay If I could have just one more chance to live the worlds again Iíd prove Iíve mastered lesson one, Youíd see, my only friend ~~MY DEMON~ 1997 Fear not the one who walks undaunted Behind that ever taunting, jaunting, subtle yet so haunting face I welcome him with warm embrace Today or never, Lost endeavor Today I say or never ever One more day and Iíll be faded Completely jaded, quite sedated He teases me with bereated laughter Scorned to stay forever after Today or never, lost endeavor Today I say, or never ever I offered bribed, he wonít be bought This visitor with mercy not, Iím held distraught His very arms Iíve sauntered searching Like an abandoned orphaned urchan Today or never, lost endeavor Today I plead, or never ever Left behind, Iím scantly faring Weeping, barren, every staring Caught in the midst of glaring eyes Weakened by his cheap disguise Today or never,lost endeavor Today I pray or never ever Adorned in black with eyes of red They are all dead on rosebush bed His laughter in my head is churning My house aflame is burning..burningÖ Today or never, lost endeavor Today Iím freed, forever and ever ~~THE EYES OF PERCEPTION~~ 1997 ďWho are you really? ď I asked the man ďFor you cannot be the man that I seeĒ ďYou have asked for the truth of discernmentĒ he said ďAnd behold I have come from a dreamĒ ďFrom a dream, how absurd!Ē but those very words Were clear in the eyes of perception It was true, I then knew that this image was sent To this world of lies and deception ďCanít you see all along itís really been me?Ē he said with bright chuckling eyes A master of illusion, I drew by conclusion But the reality or not, I realized Hello to judgement, I greet with new shoes To wear in the home of my clan With the words of a demon, still know Iím dreaming As the dauntless dares the coward to dance Whether I passed or failed, I canít seem to entail Though strangers wave hello on this road The mist was quite thick and I had to look quick As the wheel spins through its predestined mode.. He heard her before he was born Whispering for him to come home Learn your lessons and learn them straight So when its time we wonít be late When she found him fast asleep He couldnít hear her loving voice He couldnít remember the time before Though the memories lie deep below You left on the eight oíclock train tonight Without bothering to say good-bye One kiss could have kept me an eternity Why didnít you even try? ~~THE WOLF~ 1997 A lonely soul though not quite alone A bride to be of the wolf Our engagement was quite a scare to me An answer of yes he took Amongst other things Perhaps I did not know Or perhaps in fact I did I could hear him breathing beside my bed Unaware how his fury shook My soul, it screams, for leave I beg What has come over me? The wolf he rapes me in my sleep To which I fear no end He follows, this wild beast and I secure no claim One quiet night, I fell afright As he whispered out my name A ring I wear that bears his face With troubled heart I weep For this promise that I canít recall That Iíve been forced to keep ~~~MASKS~ 1997 Masks with faces surrounding me A hundred faces with no names Or names I know but canít remember From yesterday or days of ago The man in taunting taught me wisdom A friendly not so friendly gesture Knowledge cam in form of forest Deep and dark though lantern shines Buried quite beneath the surface The dark haired girl hides in the well Catching coins to turn to wishes Her very fortune beholds her not A lie to you, a lie to me A destiny we cease to see Why haunting bridges burn so well When voices mute and cannot tell The dark road leads unto the pasture The horses wink and nod their heads For neigh they know the wind has spoken And as before will speak again ~~MIDNIGHT BAY~~ 1997 Steadfast cross at Midnight Bay They crossed the border by ferry This cross of slaughter found its way A weight much too heavy to carry The bloody road stained crimson red The song has not been stilled Echoes wail throughout the night All of my family killed My heart is bleeding, my soul receding In this war that will never end The road I walk of this murderous cross Is the only home I have left, my friend ~~OLD FRIEND~~ 1997 The very first time I heard your voice All alone on the phone in March Iíd felt that Iíve heard this song before But where did this melody start? When we met, I was certain Absolutely convinced! That Iíd seen this face before As your eyes seemed to dance with such sweet recognition I knew then we had much more in store When we talked like old friends on that cold afternoon Laughing and sharing old jokes I then knew who you were And sang the song too In my dream you were that man I adored ~~JUST BELIEVE~~ 1997 I did not leave you then, death simply got the best of me I told you before the darkness came Iíd see you again Just believe! Iím sorry I caused you sadness, as I watched you suffer in pain I lingered around as long as I could But I couldnít hold you the same The others said there was another way If I dared to take such a chance That youíd recognize the spirit of my eyes And ask me just once to dance So here I am with new clothes again But I fear youíve begun o forget That I promised Iíd be back again Just believe! And leave behind the pain of regret ~~THE RAT~~ 1997 A rat with beady eyes is staring in my window Friend or foe, I donít reckon I think he has hunger on his mind Maybe heís hungry for me Heís growing much larger by the moment Maybe heíll just decide to leave I sneak over and twist the blind shut But I know with a certainty heís still there I hear him scratching at the crevice Did I shut it tight? I start to wonder Or should I just escape through the door? I peek oh so slightly to see if heís gone Being as quiet as I could What I saw nearly turned my hair gray For there were beady red eyes glaring back ~~FOOL~ 1997 I know sheís holding you right now And youíre holding her too But there is nothing I can do Nothing I can do I knew right from the start What the score was The odds were high Why did I try? But I walked in like a fool They say fools fall in love, and itís true So true If I could only have you, just hold you Iíll just sit here all alone With my best friend, the phone And wait for your voice What a choice! My only choice! Iím a fool ~~TEMPTATION~ 1997 Does he laugh when Iím not looking And roll up his sleeves? Enjoying the moments when he brings me to my knees Have mercy on my soul Master For I know that you can hear Iím just a woman filled with heartbreak and tears I wish that I could trust him And sometimes I do But when Iím pleasing him, am I pleasing you? Is he just another test that I canít seem to pass? Or have we finally realized a true gift at last? Is he a lesson? That I have yet to learn Or does he only wish to see my heart and soul burn Does he wait for the moment when he hears me cry in pain Or treasure the thoughts when he can hold me again? What should I do Master? I beg an answer from you? Show me the way, show me the way through ~~BLUE GARTER~~ 1997 Tried and true, I borrowed blue Long ago on the mystical mountain I sang my song, and then was gone Immersed in the eternal fountain My heart denied the pain it cried As it searched all alone in the night Daylight came, and the sun spoke my name The vision once dark turned to light ~~TOMORROWS MAN~~ 1997 Yesterdays man is but dust in the wind A memory locked in a picture frame His haunting ghost lies in my mind My heart still mourns his passing The man of today is but yesterdays dream A thought I conceived one lonely night A vision sent form the call of a wonder While looking past the picture in the frame Tomorrows man awaits to be seen For the scenery has yet to be drawn One thought inhabits reality true Yet to awaken in my world ~~TEMPTATION TWO~~ She couldnít believe what she saw the day That she saw the light in his eyes He captured her heart right from the start And itís for him that her spirit cries She tried to run and hide more than once For she feared this feeling he beckoned Yesterdays news left her tormented and blue And from this, her sorrow was reckoned The tears they fall for him today For she knows tomorrow heíll say good-bye Anguish and strife have become her life Why play roulette with emotional suicide So many times she tried to quit this game With a knowing it could be her last breath But he loaded the gun,and she knows he has won As she welcomes her most certain death ~~JUST GO AWAY~~ So, you wanna know what goes on in my head? Sometimes I think Iíd be better off dead But when I look at you I donít know what to do Because you look like trouble and an angel too Where do we go from here If I could just get past this fear If I told you I loved you would you stay? It seems things never go my way Arenít we done yet? You say you want to know more If I asked you those questions youíd head straight for the door You trouble me, show me things I donít want to see The longer I stay makes me want to see more Who am I now? And where did I go? Isnít that what you wanted to know? If I told you I love you would you stay? And tell me everything is going to be ok? ~~MY PROTECTORS~~ Bear, have you lost your fierceness Finally to deaths road? The darkened valley has lit up well Protect me from him Bear, where have you gone? Wolf, the protector of the wayside Have you went to stalk your prey? And left me to fend for myself once again? Wolf, where have you gone Raven, my watcher of the night I fail to see you hovering With piercing eyes waiting to attack him with deadly precision Oh Raven, let me hear your call! Mourning dove, with haunting cry Greeting me in passing Through the curtain we shall see That tomorrow is no more ~~WHISPERS~~ Whisper to me, how I hear you Will you whisper to me once again? I donít understand how I got here Will your whispers to me never end So forbidden, I lie in disdain Everything I hear, whispers your name You haunt me, oh how I see you Will you stay with me till morning light Dance with me where the laws havenít found Their way in my dreams at night So mesmerizing, Iím falling apart Everything I see burns your face in my heart ~~WHISPERS~~ (redone) Whisper to me how I hear you Will yo whisper to me once again? Oh how you possess me when you utter my name Will your whispers to me never end So forbidden, I lie in disdain Everything I hear whispers your name You haunt me, oh how I see you Will you stay with me till morning light Dance with me where the laws havenít found Their way in my dreams at night So mesmerized, Iím falling apart Everything I see burns your face in my heart ~~ALONE~~ Alone is simply just a state of mind Where you have more time to meet your self Hidden beneath the border they await For you to hear their cries to seek your fate If you find these allies hidden behind the walls Destiny awakens for your beck and call Things shall not be heard, but may be seen instead The shadow overcomes and leaves you left for dead If you try to hide, it will proceed to hunt you down Your pain becomes his pleasure when there is no one around The choice to succeed is left to you alone For it is up to you to find your own way home ~~DEAR PHILOSOPHER~~ Just thought Iíd share a question on lifes workings of late A woman- I believe- or a Chameleon in womans clothing Went to the judge on charges of theft She must have gained composure and deceived the man Who harbored her fate For when she walked out She wore the most visible Crooked Smile The tangled web form this black widow Must have captured us all For we all lie motionless and in awe. ~~LAHOYA~ What I saw left me in awe For I had come apart I saw the woman standing by It happened in a dream I know sheís lost inside Sometimes we do collide I tell her that she is now free She says she wonít confide She runs so far away She says I cannot stay with her She runs so far away She murmured just few words This what I heard Go away, Iíll be okay And Iíll come home someday So back I go to let them know That sheíll come home someday I know she wonít believe me She runs so far away She says I cannot go with her She runs so far away ~~YOUíD SEE ME~~ Alive the ember is in flames I hear your name Dancing sparks around your face Has your soul ignited as well Can you feel Does it heal Or have you admitted yourself to hell Do the visions make you tremble When they appear within your dreams Or have you stopped to wonder If it isnít what it seems The writing on the wall isnít as it appears If you looked through the broken window onemore time Youíd see me Youíd see me ~~CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT~~ A lake Iíve cried damnation Their conviction of my soul A frozen chill surges through The destiny I hold The strangers wave to me and say Tomorrow brings the light Tomorrow never seems to come To children of the night A vision seen, not once, but twice Alone in choice but not in vice Purged of empty hollow noise The song I hear remains in poise Darkened one they laugh and spit their judgements in my face The masquerade has me in tears As I fall from hypocrisyís grace To their agreement nodding heads Convergence of my ways A meeting they have called to save my soul from judgement day The fear I see within their eyes Ignites into a flame The trickster eagerly accepts the amusement of their game A note off key is quickly heard The song rewrote the pages burned But ashes lying on the ground Relive the song in circles round ~~GYPSY TEARS~~ The man I passed awaited passing The song I hear yet to be played The words you speak I have heard spoken The scene I see, I saw yesterday I watched you walk in complete circle Having yet to walk my way The curtain fell to my confusion And what I see leads me astray People shake their heads in wonder An oddity they do confide But when I watched you walking forward My reality and my dreams collide How do I know where reality lies And where Itís not, I must confess At first the mystery quite intrigued me But now the tears fall in distress A gift or curse on this I ponder When smiling to people who arenít yet there When ghostly images seek to haunt me Iím lost in tomorrows waiting lair So if I shake with fear beside you Hold my hand and understand For my hourglass seems to have broken And Iím left to sift the illusion of sand ~~ALPHA AND THE OMEGA~~ Things arenít as they appear Vanishing reflections always come back to haunt As if wanting has made them seem obscurable. Too many people donít realize this and become lost in their own mist of confusion Reaping power is not a very obtainable source And often you have to take it to succeed When the visions stop youíve lost the gamble To know you must begin but never stop For there is no stopping Ever Run to the nearest corner for in running there You can only but notice that there is another for you to run to If you had only known before you ran That you had started this vicious circle upon your choosing You might have stayed and never sought the knowledge But in choosing to seek you can climb higher And watch what you created unfold..point Today I saw you Finally I am free Will I be able to knock down The wall that surrounds me? Remember these for they are last words Be very still and you will hear the birds They seem to be calling, lend them your ear A new wind is coming and is drawing near Can you hear them, do not delay Ride with this wind or your destined to stay For the trees have fallen, your home on the ground The rain falls quickly, the rabbit has drowned The trail has run over the water is clear No hope left for anyone full of fear ~~~SLEEPTALKING~~ please watch over me while I sleep And kiss me while Iím awake Bottle up my very last breath So Iíll have one left to take Please be sure that the wind doesnít hear The words that I speak at night For the wind has a way of catching your words And setting new motions in flight ~~WISHES~~ In a wish long ago with a breath for tomorrow I glanced to the heavens for a sign It seems what I left was only mine to borrow As the bitterness became a vintage wine When the signal came through Quite clear I must say I was threw through a loop In a mad hatter rush My cheeks became flush With the rosiest blush I knew my wish had been beckoned my way Will you say? Will you stay? Was all I could mutter As you looked deep into my eyes You said but of course Without even a stutter So enchanted I was mesmerized Did I dare to believe What I heard and I seen When you opened the door and walked in I began to sway as I drowned in your gaze Such a misty soft haze Setting my cold heart ablaze My wish returned in a beautiful way I found the door to eternity When I looked into your eyes The wave overtook me My heart and soul capsized Suddenly I was drowning, drowning in the stream That was slowly delivered As a trickle from the spring My heart was beating steady to a familiar melody I breathed the crystal waters They surged a clearness in my lungs The fear of drowning vanished With the rush of this new drug My mind wanders.. It wanders through tomorrow The addiction, sweet addiction It seems has just begun But today, I lie in ecstasy Submerged in the warmth of the sun ~~FLEETING~~ It was a cold dark night The tree it hovered like a beast With thought I reached inside myself and gathered up a scream I heard the howling of the wind It called to me to stop and p lay at once Before the darkness scattered me away
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